Activities and Events

1) Enrichment Talks at the Workplace

I love to share what I’ve learned with others, that’s why I enjoy speaking at events and seminars where I can inspire and empower people at a group level.

I have spoken on various topics ranging from retirement planning to managing healthcare costs at various organisations such as MOE, Jurong Health, SMU, NTU, BCA and IDA.  What’s unique about my talks is that I customise the content so it’s relevant, engaging and fun. My participants always find the sessions highly informative and beneficial.

Here’s what participants are saying:

“Thank you Yong Hui, for your sharing about how to adequately cover ourselves with the appropriate policies at IDA. It was definitely an enlightening session and many of us have benefited from these insights.”

~ Andrew Ng, IT consultant, IDA


“Yonghui has presented financial concepts in a fun and easy-to-understand manner. Her talk was extremely educational and engaging, with no “hard selling” involved.  Many of our staff have given positive feedback about her, and are looking forward to more of such talks by her. I will certainly recommend her to anyone who needs a professional and competent financial advisor to deliver such talks at their workplaces.”

~ Valerie Neo, HR Manager, SMU


“Yong Hui is able to simplify those complicated insurance jargons into a very clear and easy to understand explanation”

~ Lim Mei Siew, PA, IDA

If you are looking for enrichment programs to enhance your comany’s staff well being and want to bring in a dynamic and engaging speaker to share about financial topics, please contact me at

Smart Mummies Retire in Style – a program specially designed for working mums

Read more about it here

2) Financial Empowerment Workshops

My workshops are interactive, experiential and fun so participants learn about financial concepts. The sessions include plenty of time for questions so the participants get to ask their burning questions and leave feeling more knowledgeable and in control.

I conduct talks specially for women to help them grow their financial confidence in a supportive and non-intimidating, female exclusive setting.

$mart Women Retire in Style

This program is designed to empower women financially; to equip them with the strategies and actionable steps so they can secure their financial future for themselves and most importantly for their next generation.

What you will learn

-—  3 simple, practical strategies to retire in style
-—  How to avoid costly retirement mistakes that everyone else is making
— – One secret money saving tip to boost your retirement savings..and more

To register for the next $mart Women Retire in Style session, please indicate your interest below and I will update you with the details


3) Cashflow game

The Cashflow game is a highly fun and educational board game where you get to learn financial concepts, investing ideas and personal finance management skills in an exciting game setting.

If you want to learn and have fun in the process, come play at our next monthly game! Feel free to bring along your friends as well, the game gets better with more players.

Simply leave your details below and I’ll reserve a slot for you and your friends.