Retire in Style

Retirement is often viewed as a time of relaxation, freedom and a new chapter to look forward to. Yet with today’s rising cost of living and economic uncertainty, more and more people are wondering “Will I ever be able to retire?”

The Retire in Style series is specially designed to help working individuals to retire on time, on target and even better, in style!

$mart Women Retire in Style

Many women save diligently for their retirement but are unsure if their savings would be enough. They are frustrated with the low interest rates but find investment to be risky and sometimes complicated. Many desire to have a consistent income stream after they retire, but wonder if it’s really possible.

Learn simple and easy to implement strategies in this interactive, women-only session!

You will discover:

  • How to avoid costly retirement mistakes and retire with confidence
  • One secret money saving tip that can boost your retirement savings
  • Practical tips to create income during retirement
  • How to secure your retirement and retire with confidence


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I have also conducted the retirement talks at organisations including MOE, SMU and Jurong Health, where participants learnt simple strategies to help them achieve their retirement goals and took home useful tools and free resources to support them.

Here’s what participants said:

“Useful tips for life”

“Very clear and useful information on how we could build a retirement nest”

“Lively talk”

If you are looking for an engaging speaker to share retirement planning tips with your staff at your company, you can also contact me at

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