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Wider and Better Choices for Integrated Shield Plan

Good news – Singaporeans can look forward to a wider choice of Integrated Shield plans with the launch of AXA Shield on 1st May 2016. Currently only 5 insurers offer such Integrated Shield Plans i.e private health insurance integrated with Medishield Life, with premiums payable by Medisave. Most of the existing plans are comparable with… Read More »

What’s your view of retirement?

Retirement. What comes to your mind when you see this word? For some, the word retirement means freedom – freedom of time and money to do what they want and taking a well deserved break from years of working. For others, it triggers worries of not having enough money and having no choice but to… Read More »

Doing Good, Doing Right with Project FinCARE

Recently, our organisation started volunteering our services under the financial services industry’s community service initiative – FinCARE™ (Financial Counselling, Aid & Resilience Education). This initiative came about as our industry body IFPAS recognised that financial education can make a big difference to the lives of people, especially the low-income and less-educated. And we being financial professionals… Read More »

Make a Positive Difference

This blog post is inspired by the National Financial Congress (NFC) which I attended recently. This is an annual event organised by the IFPAS (Insurance and Financial Practitioners Association of Singapore), where they bring together experienced and successful practitioners from Singapore and around the region to share their experiences so we can learn best practices… Read More »

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