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What Game Are You Playing?

It’s the Olympics season! As I watch the various games, it struck me that these professional athletics are really the best of the best at their game, and for a good reason. Their skills have been honed over years of intense practise and rigorous training, something not many of us are prepared to go through. These athletics have chosen to play at the… Read More »

The Financial Freedom Club

In my previous post, I mentioned about the importance of having a supportive peer group along your growth journey. Having witnessed the power of a supportive peer group in our own lives, my husband and I became inspired to start our very own Financial Freedom Club! Our vision is to develop a community of motivated,… Read More »

My Financial Journey

  It all started with a seminar Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI) back in 2008 which triggered me to review my attitude and beliefs about money. I discovered my subconcious beliefs about money was that money is the root of unhappiness and creates discord among family. To me I never really thought of becoming wealthy because… Read More »

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