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Doing Good, Doing Right with Project FinCARE

Recently, our organisation started volunteering our services under the financial services industry’s community service initiative – FinCARE™ (Financial Counselling, Aid & Resilience Education). This initiative came about as our industry body IFPAS recognised that financial education can make a big difference to the lives of people, especially the low-income and less-educated. And we being financial professionals… Read More »

Make a Positive Difference

This blog post is inspired by the National Financial Congress (NFC) which I attended recently. This is an annual event organised by the IFPAS (Insurance and Financial Practitioners Association of Singapore), where they bring together experienced and successful practitioners from Singapore and around the region to share their experiences so we can learn best practices… Read More »

One Pact, One Voice

This was the theme for this year’s National Financial Congress. As mentioned in my previous post (see here), this event was one that left me moved and inspired.. In particular, one speaker spoke on a topic which I felt also sparked the spirit of unity among the attendees, although we were all from different companies.… Read More »

How much do I need to retire?

A reader recently commented about why is it that the $1 million figure always seems to pops up when people discuss about retirement and asked if this is really true. My answer was ‘everyone’s number is different, there is no one size fits all”. Indeed, the amount you need for retirement can be very different from your… Read More »

What Insurance Do I Need For My Children?

When I connect with young parents or parents to be, questions like these often pop up: “What kind of insurance must I get for my child/baby?” “Which are the essential ones to get so my precious one is sufficiently protected?” Types of Insurance Required to Protect Your Loved Ones Below diagram shows the 3 main types… Read More »

Becoming a Bigger, Better Me!

Yes! This is literally what I have been experiencing for the past few months since my last post – becoming physically bigger and developing into a better person both emotionally and mentally. It has truely been an amazing period of growth and transformation for me as I transit to my next phase of life. Those who know me personally may know or… Read More »

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