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Reflections of a Working Mum

  It has been 4 years since I became a mum and life has changed for me in many ways. Before the kids came along, life was.. simpler. Outside of work, I just did what I felt like doing- relax at home, watch TV, go out for good meals with friends and holiday when I… Read More »

My Mother, My Inspiration

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend.. This is my 2nd Mother’s day and my mum’s 33rd one. Putting this in perspective suddenly makes me feels like my motherhood journey has only just begun. And it’s true, this journey is a lifelong one, with many more beautiful memories and life experiences to come. I came across this quote about motherhood which I… Read More »

3 Lessons from my Baby

In a twinkling of an eye, third quarters of 2012 had passed and my daughter is turning 9 months old! Over this past year, this cute darling of mine has brought me much joy, laughter and also inspired me in many ways about life. In the past few weeks we witnessed many of her “first” experiences, developmental… Read More »

Lessons from Motherhood

It has been exactly 3 months since baby Liting stepped into my life and it has been an amazing period filled with laughter and tears, challenges and breakthroughs, and most of all, wonderful memories! Within this short span of 3 months, I have come to appreciate many life lessons and insights from my own experience, sharing… Read More »

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