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3 Lessons from my Baby

In a twinkling of an eye, third quarters of 2012 had passed and my daughter is turning 9 months old! Over this past year, this cute darling of mine has brought me much joy, laughter and also inspired me in many ways about life. In the past few weeks we witnessed many of her “first” experiences, developmental… Read More »

Lessons from Motherhood

It has been exactly 3 months since baby Liting stepped into my life and it has been an amazing period filled with laughter and tears, challenges and breakthroughs, and most of all, wonderful memories! Within this short span of 3 months, I have come to appreciate many life lessons and insights from my own experience, sharing… Read More »

Is it time yet?

“Is your baby here yet?” Many of my friends and family members have been asking me this question over the past few weeks. I have also been eagerly looking forward to my baby’s arrival since the beginning of 2012 as my baby was already 39 weeks due and ready for birth any moment. But my expected due… Read More »

Becoming a Bigger, Better Me!

Yes! This is literally what I have been experiencing for the past few months since my last post – becoming physically bigger and developing into a better person both emotionally and mentally. It has truely been an amazing period of growth and transformation for me as I transit to my next phase of life. Those who know me personally may know or… Read More »

My Financial Journey

  It all started with a seminar Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI) back in 2008 which triggered me to review my attitude and beliefs about money. I discovered my subconcious beliefs about money was that money is the root of unhappiness and creates discord among family. To me I never really thought of becoming wealthy because… Read More »

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