Reflections of a Working Mum

By | May 10, 2016


me and my girlsIt has been 4 years since I became a mum and life has changed for me in many ways.

Before the kids came along, life was.. simpler. Outside of work, I just did what I felt like doing- relax at home, watch TV, go out for good meals with friends and holiday when I needed a break.

Nowadays I hardly watch TV. Because time is so precious – given the chance I would rather catch up on sleep! In fact I didn’t even know about the recent Descendents of the Sun craze until a friend spoke about it and I asked what’s that??

Shopping time is rare. When I do visit the malls, you find me at places like Kiddy Palace and NTUC rather than boutiques. Couple time has become a luxury. Even exercising is a challenge since I often feel physically tired.

Yes, there has been sacrifices made as a mum – less sleep, less me- time, less couple time, less holidays, less savings..

it's not about what you gave upYet I have gained so much more in other ways – more love, more joy, more laughter at home ..all of which are priceless. I wouldn’t trade these precious memories for anything in the world.

And yes, there are also challenges and frustrating times when I feel so exasperated I could scream.. moments when my husband and I look at each other and wonder – how come it’s so tough being a parent!

But motherhood has also helped me discover strength and courage I never knew I had. It developed my patience, compassion and “trained” me to maintain composure in the face of unexpected situations like we had to bring our crying child to A&E in the middle of the night.

A mother’s strength at work

Being a working mum has it’s own set of challenges. It’s like holding 2 full time jobs, having to immediately put on the mummy’s hat after a busy work day.

Some people tell me mothers are less able to contribute to their job because of their family commitments and time constraints.

I believe otherwise.

To me, a mother possess valuable traits of courage, responsibility, resourcefulness and emotional maturity. Having less time makes us more focused on the important things at work, and it makes us more productive and effective. We get more things done in the same time.

Given the right platform and a supportive working environment, working mothers can thrive and succeed in their career. I know it’s possible for the modern mum to achieve a balance between family and career success. Because I am experiencing it for myself.

working mum balanceAn ideal platform

I am grateful that my business gives me that flexibility to care for my family while providing for them financially.

As a financial advisor, I am able to design my work schedule and be in control of my time. This is something I value a lot because I can be with my children when they need me, without having to give up on my career.

Looking back, I am glad that I made that leap of faith to leave my corporate job and join this career 8 years back.

Now, instead of attending meetings, writing reports and doing PowerPoint slides, my work is about working with people. This not only expands my social circle, it also lets me stay in touch with my friends much more than I would have in a regular job.

It’s a joy to share my knowledge with and advise my clients, many of which are also young parents like me. Being able to relate to their challenges and helping them with their financial security and goals is something I find a lot of fulfillment and satisfaction in.

Helping more mothers

my mummy team

Last year I decided to become a financial services manager and lead a team of advisors. And I am blessed to celebrate this Mother’s Day with my very own team of amazing mothers.

Each of these working mothers are special and they contribute their unique strengths to the team.

Being mothers, we can relate to each other, support and encourage each other along the way. I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to lead and grow with this team of mummies. And I am excited to bring more mothers on board so they too can enjoy the work life balance, financial rewards and sense of fulfillment in this business.

Counting my blessings

The picture would not be complete without acknowledging the support I have from my family. Especially my husband. He has been the quiet pillar of support behind me all these years, believing in me and giving me the strength to continue when I faced challenges. As a hands on daddy, we also work closely as a tag team to bring up our 2 kids :)

Being a working mum is not easy but with the support of our family and an empowering work environment, I believe it’s possible for us to enjoy a fulfilling and meaningful career.

To all mummies- you are doing the best job you can and that’s good enough! Keep it up and take good care of yourselves too!

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