As a financial planner with more than 5 years of experience, I have helped many young families and working individuals to achieve financial security and success.

My Expertise

  1. Family Protection for young families (find out more here)
  2. Retirement Planning for working executives (find out more here)
  3. Financial Planning for women (find out more here)

The Yonghui Experience

1) Clarity and Peace of Mind

I believe strongly in empowering people financially through education so they can make sound and informed decisions. So often I hear of people suffering heavy medical costs or investment losses because they were unaware or had some misconceptions about their policies.

This is why I always make it a point to help my clients review and understand their existing policies, so that they know exactly what they are covered and what they are not covered for. This review process helps them to avoid having a rude shock when things happen and gives them assurance and peace of mind.

2) Holistic Planning

Many people end up buying multiple different plans over the years, but few can see the big picture of whether those plans will help them to achieve their financial goals or not.

I focus on helping clients put things together by examining what they have on a holistic level and structuring a comprehensive portfolio to help them reach their goals.

3) Regular Updates

I keep my clients updated of the latest news that can affect their financial well being via my monthly newsletter so they stay current and informed

4) Value added activities

I specially organise value added activities like financial enrichment workshops and cashflow games that allow my clients to become more financially savvy and confident while having fun and making new friends! Check out the activities and events here and do join us if you are keen!

5) Above all, a friend who cares and is here to walk with you along your financial journey

Financial planning is a ongoing journey and calls for different advice along the way. I have personally seen my clients grow through different stages of their lives- from single to getting married to starting their family as we become friends. I look forward to supporting them along their life journey for many more years to come.

What My Clients Say

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