Financial Planning for Women

Do you ever feel so burnt out at work that you wished you could stop working and be free to do what you love?

Do you worry about your retirement but feel clueless about what can be done about it?

Have you ever thought of starting investing but am too afraid to jump in or simply too busy to get started?

Do you dream of becoming rich but think that it is just too complicated or difficult for you as a woman?

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, you are definitely not alone. And I congratulate you for taking your step forward to take charge of your finances!

first step

As a women, I understand the challenges you face when it comes to investing and finance. I hear your questions, fears and uncertainties about investing.. And I want you to know that women can make savvy investors and take charge of their finances confidently.

I know this is possible because I have walked this path myself. 10 years ago, I was nonchalant about finances and fearful about investing just like you. Over the years, I invested money and time attending financial classes, read countless of books and articles to acquire financial knowledge and expertise I have today. (read more about My Financial Journey)

Having been through the path from financial ignorance to empowerment, it is my wish to share my lessons with you so you can short-cut the process and start realizing your financial dreams today.

I have helped many female clients to understand their personal finances and prepare for a sound financial future while protecting themselves and their loved ones for the present.

Here’s how I can help you to become the financially savvy woman you are meant to be:

Personalised Financial Planning designed for women by woman

I understand your money needs and challenges faced as a woman. I listen to your goals and priorities to design a financial plan tailored for you instead of simply presenting a generic set of products.

Educational Workshops and Games on investing and financial tips

So you can increase your financial knowledge and confidence and accelerate your learning and growth

Useful Resources and Tips on money management, personal finance and investing

Save time sourcing for information and avoid getting overwhelmed with the financial terminology. Tap directly into my personal collection of relevant and useful resources

Women Community and Support Group

Learn and grow with fellow women and receive encouragement and support along the journey. Join our Women Enrich Network on facebook for more resources, ideas and tips to help you look good, feel good, protect your world, build your dreams and lead a happy fulfilling life

“My mission is to empower more women to prosper and succeed financially so that you can get rich, stay rich and have all the free time to live the life you have always dream of.”

Your Next Step: Take Action!

If you want to make a difference in your financial future today, contact me for a complimentary 1 hr personal consultation. Let’s have a woman to woman chat over coffee and I’ll be happy to share more insights and helpful tips with you.

I also encourage you to sign up for my free insights and tips that will be delivered to you regularly.