Launch of Women and Money Series

By | January 6, 2018

Happy 20182018 marks my 10th year in the financial planning business and a career milestone for me.

Over this past decade, my passion has always been with empowering women financially.

Looking back, I still recall the very first time I conducted my first financial workshop for women. I held it in my home study room – to a grand audience of 2 women ;) Even though both were my close friends, I was stammering and oh so nervous! And that was how it all started.

From that first event, I started holding more talks, workshops and even board games with more people. Fast forward to last year 2017 when I founded Women Enrich Network with my team of advisors and started organizing our own seminars for women :)

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I have come a long way and I believe there’s much more I can do for women in the financial sphere.

That’s why I decided to launch the Women and Money Series this year – to provide interesting and valuable financial insights and to empower more women to be confident about their future.


About Women and Money Series

The idea of the Women and Money Series is borne from the many conversations I have with busy working women about their finances. Women who know that having healthy finances and planning for the future is important, but are simply too busy or caught up with life to get started.

And I understand. After all, money is not exactly the most interesting topic to talk or read about for most women. Given a choice, I believe most would choose Korean drama, listen to music or online shopping than to read about P/E ratios, analyst reports or insurance jargons right?

The Women and Money series is designed to give you practical financial tips that are presented from a woman’s perspective. So it’s easy to understand and implement, and you get more clarity and peace of mind while having time to enjoy the things you like.

Here’s how the Women and Money Series will help

  • Practical tips and ideas to spend smart and save more
  • Savvy money management and financial planning insights
  • Simplify and demystify the “cheem” financial or investing jargons so you get it
  • Distill key essence of what you need to know and look out for about insurance
  • Useful financial resources online

My Wish for Women

  • To feel secured and confident about your finances.
  • To be empowered to create a brighter future for yourself and loved ones
  • And enjoy the happiness, peace and abundance we all deserve

free womanThis is also the mission of Women Enrich Network which I founded with my team who share the same beliefs.

Stay tuned for the upcoming first edition of the Women and Money series and do join our community at facebook for upcoming women events!

To Your Success and Happiness,

Yong Hui

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