“I met Yonghui when she was conducting a lunch talk at my company on planning for the future. On getting to know her better, my husband and I found her to be professional, knowledgeable, and empathetic to our needs and financial capabilities. She was able to get a handle on our needs and help us navigate our way around what we needed most. There was never any pressure to buy a product simply to close a sale. More than that, Yonghui treated us more like a friend than a client. She made us feel that she genuinely cares about everyone’s financial well-being. The fact that insurance helped save her family home after her father’s death has shaped her work into not just a job, but a vocation to help people achieve financial security.”

From: Juniper Foo and Reuben Lee


“The 3 key qualities that makes a good Financial Planner: “Responsive”, “Reliable” and “Customer first”. Yong Hui possesses it all. She is always there for us whenever we need help on insurance matters, hospital admission, and even claims. Yong Hui never fail to reply to our text messages and calls promptly – especially when we need advice during an emergency. She’s a responsible insurance planner who truly cares for her customer even after-sales and never hesitate to advise us on financial matters. “Customer first” is having the best interest for customer and her honesty wins our respect and trust. She takes time to understand our needs and recommend the necessary policies that meet our requirements. We appreciate what Yong Hui has done for us and we will definitely recommend to our friends and family.”

From: Gina Chua, Senior Product Manager


“I knew Yonghui for almost 10 years, since during my uni days in 2008. She come across as someone who is knowledgeable in the field of financial planning and is always sharing with me the latest product available. She is caring, approachable and attentive to what I am looking for and will only recommend the types of policy I need. Yonghui is motivated in serving and providing her best to all her clients. It’s also assuring to know that your insurance agent is in it for the long haul and she is always a phone call’s away. Plenty of experiences where Yonghui has gone the extra mile to serve me. Yonghui would always find out more details about an individual, for example his/her occupation, marital status, family members and at what stage in life a person is before introducing any policies. I have learnt a lot about the basics of insurance coverage, investments, etc whenever we meet up for a catchup. I would recommend Yonghui to my friends who are looking to get themselves covered because of the reasons that she is truthful, caring, knowledgeable and is easily contactable too. Over the years, we have forged this strong friendship and I can’t ask for a better friend to be my insurance agent as well.”

From: Owen Lee, Entrepreneur, T. Cartel


“Yonghui has been my financial advisor for as long as I remember. Through our interactions, she has broadened my knowledge about the many financial tools available to grow my money. She gets in touch with me regularly to update me on how my investments are doing and helps me plan for my retirement and contingencies. I like her advice of projecting my investments towards attaining financial freedom and I am sure all these investments and insurance will pay off when I need them the most. I am more than pleased with her service and would highly recommend her to my friends and family.”

From: Victor Fong, Pilot


“I feel very comfortable with Yong Hui asshe is not pushy and does not pressure you into buying something that you do not need. I feel that she genuinely cares about the well being of the customers. I do not have enough time to research about insurance but Yong Hui has always taken the time to educate me and let me know about my various options so that I can make an informed decision. I also appreciate that she provides good after sales service and she is very responsive when dealing with claims.

From: Pearl Lee, VP


“I got to know Yong Hui through a workshop and I felt she has the capability to effectively communicate insurance business terminology and jargon by translating into layman’s terms without being patronising or condescending. This is important to me since I don’t share the same level of knowledge at all. I can feel her passion and generosity wanting to impart what she knows to her workshop participants. Yong Hui is so different from the usual hard-selling advisors I have came across. Hence, I truly believe that she’ll be a good financial planner to put my needs in the top priority. Yong Hui will understand my specific set of needs and requirement and based on her knowledge, she will prepare a plan and explain what are the gaps to fill. And only offering products that is suitable.  As I have difficulty in understanding financial products, Yong Hui always has the patience to explain in details. With that, I am now better in understanding some of the jargons.

I am touched by Yong Hui’s selfless act, always making her best effort to tailor suitable plan for my needs. Listen attentively, taking into consideration my circumstances and making sure the new financial plan is align to that. Definitely someone I can depend on to do a good job in financial planning. I will as Yong Hui has proven not only possess the industry knowledge, but also soft skills to meet people come from all walks of life and social-cultural backgrounds. Yong Hui will go far in this industry, given her well-versed of financial knowledge, passion and conscientious in delivery good and sound financial advice/plan for her clients.

From: Lin Meixiu, Executive


“Yong Hui is my financial planner and I am so happy to say she is a very good one indeed! She is a very caring, detailed and sincere person. She really studies the financial situation of a person, explains all the options available and provides sound advice. I highly recommend her because the important thing is that she puts her heart into what she is doing because she is driven by the passion to contribute to her clients’s well being rather than just doing it as a career or job. I am very happy to say that very soon, she will be the financial planner for more of my family members and friends.”

From: Judy Koh, Chef and Owner of Creative Culinaire and Cafe Pralet


It all started with a simple chat between us on financial goals and the importance of planning for our future, and one thing led to another. Yong Hui always listens patiently and gets me excited with the many ways that my money can grow without me working hard for it whenever we meet up.

She is not only well-versed in the various products she has to offer, but would also source around for the best offer from other companies that caters to my needs. Honest in her dealings with others, I never worry about being on the losing end. She aligns it with my current goals regularly and would recommend products which are apt for me. It is all thanks to her that my future is well-nested.”

From: Gail Yap, Teacher


“Yong Hui is a gentle and friendly lady. She makes an effort and patiently explain the financial plan that I need. I feel her sincerity and reliable of service, and glad that I’m able to know and be served by her”

From: Tay Yong Bee, Nurse


“Yong Hui is an investment savvy person who has a good grasp of the investment opportunities in the market and is able to give sound advice. She is wise and patient, and asks probing questions to make sure she points you in the right direction. With her passion for helping women make money-wise decisions, and a continual strive to improve herself and her service to others, I feel she is in every way a very competent financial advisor. “

From: Wang Ing Ching, Nutrition consultant


I like it that Yong Hui is able to share her honest and professional opinions on the gaps in my financial planning. I have been able to gain more knowledge about financial products on the market.

From: Valerie Neo, HR Manager


“I like that Yong Hui treated my case as a person and not as a client. The personal touch to understand my circumstances and past policies rather than just close a sale was very impressive. I also benefited from learning more about the product and the process.”

From: Colin Mark Thariyan


After losing 30% of my portfolio in the market downfall, I have lost confidence to invest in the market. Yong Hui showed me what it means to invest wisely with proper risk management and helped me regain confidence to invest in the market again.

She is also such a sincere and positive person who is capable of looking at things from a different angle. With that kind of energy, I’m sure she’ll be able to be the best in whatever she pursues.

From: Wieke, Consultant


“Yong Hui is a very dedicated financial professional who understands the needs of her female clients very well. She has comprehensive knowledge in financial planning and gives excellent support and comprehensive advice to me.”
From: Shan Lim


“Yong Hui is very dedicated to her work. She is a source of inspiration and is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. She has let me seen that women are capable of doing much more in their lives when they take charge of it. I now believe that women can take charge of their finances as well as men do or even better! Thank you.

From: Sheryn Yeo


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